Zomick’s Kosher Bakery and the Kosher Food Market

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Food that conforms to the regulations of “kashrut”, Jewish dietary law is called kosher. Because of those regulations, this specific type of food has to undergo various special treatments. In many religions, various foods, beverages, and dishes still play an important role. Kosher-certified products are currently one of the newest food trends, and its demand has increased vigorously in the last few years. Zomick’s kosher bakery is one of New York City’s oldest and most respected bakeries, serving the needs of community members for over 50 years.

Zomick's Kosher Food Market

The trend is driven by factors like high consumer demand for kosher cutleries and allergen-free, healthy, and unique food products, as well as the increasing growth of the global kosher food market. The changing lifestyle has also influenced the market growth, and it is expected to become the biggest growth driver in the near future. The highest growth in the global kosher food market has been witnessed in North America, or the US to be more precise, and the NYC region, Zomick’s kosher bakery location, has experienced probably the highest demand. Although there is an increased spending by consumers in this region, still experts predict that over the following years, Europe will become the dominant player in the global kosher food market.

This is a fierce industry, becoming even more competitive, and now some supermarkets even have kosher sections. Of course, big companies don’t carry fresh-baked goods like Zomick’s kosher bakery where everything is baked on the premises. In fact, in order to save time and money, they bring in half-baked or completely baked products made by other sources. Zomick’s kosher bakery takes great pride in their fresh and delicious kosher baked goods, using highest quality ingredients, completely made from scratch and from their hearts. The thing that keeps the bakery’s spirit alive is their commitment to quality, service and old traditional values.  Because there aren’t many kosher bakeries around, yet there is a vibrant and discerning Jewish population in the area, a lot of people still care deeply about tradition, and going there is like an old-time experience.

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